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We help calibration labs implement a wide range of Fluke Calibration products. For this we install various software packages such as the acclaimed MET/TEAM calibration management software in combination with MET/CAL. This allows the laboratory to automate a wide area of their daily work and manage the data. If the client still has other software packages, we can also help with the migration of the database(s) to this new MET/TEAM system.

After the software installation and possible migration, we quickly help the client on his way by means of proven training and documentation. If the laboratory has purchased new hardware from Fluke Calibrations, we will of course ensure that it is connected and extensively tested. We also train the laboratory technicians on how to get maximum effort from the new material.

We naturally come to the customer for this work: on-site, in the middle of their own equipment and their own workload, so that the customer can immediately start working in their own environment. Of course, all this takes into account the business processes and quality systems such as ISO 9001 and of course ISO 17025.

Frank Smits

Trainer and Software Engineer

Frank has worked as a service provider and for more than 20 years he owned an independent consultancy and inspection company. He was previously a member of various relevant standards committees. His company was a customer of Fluke Calibrations and therefor he knows better than anyone what the customer experience is like.

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