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This installation steps can be performed both on-site and off-site (remote) and will take somewhere between one and two working-days. After that, a METTEAM and METCAL training is highly recommended. The installation of the new METTEAM software will be done in the following installation steps and always supervised by your IT department:


1. METTEAM on an server or on a workstation

In the past, METTRACK software versions could only be installed on a workstation. As a result, the customer was limited in access to the calibration management system. With the new METTEAM calibration lab management system, the organization is free to install the software on a local workstation or to make a separate application server installation. The latter is preferable if you have more than one workstation with which you want to access the database or the connected calibrators. The choice for a central server system is now also easier to manage for an IT department. In the first phase of the software installation, the motivation for choosing the installation method is paramount.

The METTEAM installation relies on the contact with a Microsoft SQL Server and the Internet Information Server. The latter ensures that all information is available via a METTEAM website installed on the application server or on the workstation. The METTEAM website is reachable from every workstation connected to the local network. If desired it is also possible to install a Customer Portal. In this your customers can login and check the calibration status and certificates of the assets they have calibrated by you. The system has also the possibilities to recall the assets which are due.


2. METCAL on a workstation

After METTEAM and the Customer Portal have been delivered working in step 1, we can continue with the METCAL Runtime and with the METCAL Editor installation. These must be installed on each workstation connected to a calibrator. In METTEAM, a Work Order can now be created from an Asset, from which an automatic start of a calibration procedure can be generated. The METCAL Runtime will then automatically start and perform the calibration. For everything to work properly, the National Instruments USB-IEEE cable must be used between the workstation and the calibrator. During the workstation installation process, the necessary NI drivers will be installed and tested. Together with your IT department we will ensure that there is a continuous connection of the METCAL Runtime with METTEAM.


3. Crystal Reports on a workstation

METTEAM comes with all kinds of reporting templates that you can freely use and even modify. The same applies to standard certificates and stickers. These templates are installed on the server as a .rpt file. During this installation step we will make the .rpt files accessible from a workstation. Furthermore, the SAP Crystal Reports application is installed on this workstation. Finally, a connection will be made from the Microsoft SQL Server database “metteam” to this SAP Crystal Reports application, so that you are able to create and change the content of the templates yourself.

If you want to carry out these activities yourself, we strongly recommend the 3-day Crystal Reports training. See our training service for this.

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