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Things We Are Really Good At

e-Consilio is Frank Smits. We work together on something beautiful. In doing so, we ensure that we work according to our three values: Precision, Performance, and Confidence. Not only are these three terms important to the calibration lab’s products, but we have also implemented these values extensively in our services.


How it started

Frank Smits started in the early nineties in the service and maintenance of electrical installations. He served for 12 years as chairman and later as board member of the Department of Management & Inspections at ‘Techniek Nederland’ and founder of the joint sector organization NVIB in which he was the driving force behind the structure and quality in installation inspections. At the start of the Parkstad Inspections company in 2002, he already had extensive knowledge and experience of electrical installations. With the acquisition of the inspection and energy advisory services division of Essent in 2011, the company expanded considerably. In 2018 he decided to take it slower. He sold his share of Parkstad Inspections at the end of that year but remained active for the organization as a consultant and trainer for Parkstad Inspections itself.


e-Consilio and Fluke Calibration

Started in the spring of 2019, he provides consultancy and training services for Fluke Calibration. For this, he supports this company in training and advising their customers in the EMEA countries after they have purchased Fluke Calibration Products. He received thorough internal training for this from the Fluke Calibration team in Eindhoven, but also on location with customers. Last period, he provided hardware and software training for laboratories across EMEA. Frank has experience in installing MET/TEAM and MET/CAL and providing the associated introductory and enhanced training for MET/TEAM, MET/CAL and Crystal Reports.


Love to share

Sharing knowledge is one of the most important values of e-Consilio. Frank Smits has been training inspectors, electricians and installation managers on the Dutch Electrical Safety Standard NEN 3140 and Quality Standard SCIOS Scopes with great passion for years. Nowadays he also lab technicians in the EMEA region on the Fluke lab-management software MET/TEAM and the procedure writing software MET/CAL.

e-Consilio provides independent advice to organizations that are committed to the safe execution of electrical work or calibration laboratories in the EMEA Region. We can also advise on the implementation of various quality systems, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 17025, for example. We also draw up the operational management manual in accordance with the Dutch standard NEN 3140 or European standard EN-50110.

More Information

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