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ECAL/SWCAL Training and other CIT services offering in EMEA


Commissioning, Installation and Training

Fluke Calibration is happy to announce the introduction of packages for training and other CIT (Commissioning, Installation and Training) services within EMEA.

Several standard training packages have been developed which can be offered to our customers in EMEA and these will also be listed on the next release of the pricelist. All these training and installation packages have a fixed content and cannot be changed. Customers that have specific training needs will have to order the customized packages. Currently we offer packages for ECAL and SWCAL where TCAL and PCAL will follow shortly.


Frank Smits as our new Trainer

We also are happy to introduce Frank Smits as our new Trainer for most of these packages. Frank is working on a contract bases for Fluke Calibration and he will give a short introduction of himself below.

Frank Smits started in the early nineties in the service and maintenance of electrical installations. He served for 12 years as chairman and later as board member of the Department of Management & Inspections at ‘Techniek Nederland’ and founder of the joint sector organization NVIB in which he was the driving force behind the structure and quality in installation inspections. At the start of the Parkstad Inspections company in 2002, he already had extensive knowledge and experience of electrical installations. With the acquisition of the inspection and energy advisory services division of Essent in 2011, the company expanded considerably. In 2018 he decided to take it slower. He sold his share of Parkstad Inspections at the end of that year but remained active for the organization as a consultant and trainer for Parkstad Inspections itself.


Frank and Fluke Calibrations

Started in the spring of 2019, he provides consultancy and training services for Fluke Calibration. For this, he supports this company in training and advising their customers in the EMEA countries after they have purchased Fluke Calibration Products. He received thorough internal training for this from the Fluke Calibration team in Eindhoven, but also on location with customers. Last period, he provided hardware and software training for laboratories across EMEA. Frank has experience in installing MET/TEAM and MET/CAL and providing the associated introductory and enhanced training for MET/TEAM, MET/CAL and Crystal Reports.


Kurt Koch and Fluke Calibrations

In addition of Frank Smits we also have Kurt Koch and Klaus-Peter Berg as trainers for the Lab Management and Uncertainty Calculation courses. Kurt Koch started in 1962 in the calibration laboratory of Lufthansa in Hamburg as a service technician. His first task was the maintenance and overhauling of cockpit instruments. In 1973, he finished his evening studies in Electrical Engineering and supervised the accreditation process of the “Lufthansa/Lufthansa Technik” calibration laboratory. From 2000 – 2007 he served as head of the laboratory for the measurement quantities DC/LF, Pressure & Flow and Mechanical calibrations. In 2007 he became head of the laboratory for all quantities including RF calibrations. After retirement in 2009 he started his own company CPMM Consulting Prüfmittelmanagement and offers seminars, trainings and consulting in calibration and management of test equipment. To keep on top of the latest rules and requirements for Laboratory Accreditation and Quality demands, he is an active member in several technical committees: Member of DKD Technical Committee for DC/LF and Head of VDI/VDE-GMA 3.12 Technical Committee for “Calibration of measuring equipment for electrical quantities.


Klaus-Peter Berg and Fluke Calibrations

After finishing his studies in Electronic Engineering 1979, Klaus-Peter Berg started his career in the calibration laboratory of MBB (now part of EADS) in Ottobrunn, close to Munich. He calibrated and maintained the DC and LF calibration standards and calibrators of the laboratory and stayed in close contact with the PTB to establish the traceability of the laboratory standards to the NMI. In 1986 he started at Philips Test & Measurement in Kassel as a product manager for Oscilloscopes and Signal Analyzer. After the alliance of Philips with Fluke in 1988, he changed the product portfolio and became product manager for Calibrators in Germany. In this job, he performed a lot of seminars and trainings in calibration and quality management for customers who wanted to become certified to ISO 9000 and accredited to ISO 17025 as well. In 1998 he became Sales Manager for Fluke Calibration, first for the D-A-CH region and later for the EU-28+ countries. After retirement in fall 2019 he founded his own little company “Ingenieurbüro Berg” and provides training and consultancy for Fluke Calibration and the ‘Technische Akademie Esslingen’. Klaus-Peter is an active member of the DKD Technical Committee for DC/LF and for VDI/VDE-GMA 3.12 Committee for “Calibration of measurement equipment for electrical quantities.

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