Mission and Vision

Precision, Performance, Confidence

We work together on something beautiful. In doing so, we ensure that we work according to our three values: Precision, Performance, and Confidence. Not only are these three terms important to the calibration lab’s products, but we have also implemented these values extensively in our services. 



Sharing knowledge with Precision, Performance and Confidence

We perform our work with great precision. The aim is to support the clients towards the highest performance. In doing so, they can rely on a good outcome of the work assigned to e-Consilio.

We do this work with passion and under the trust and supervision of Fluke calibration. We respect all cultures of the people in countries to which we are deployed.



e-Consilio transparently supports the management and facility/technical departments from start to finish with regard to meeting all quality requirements in the field of Calibration Laboratory Management, and legal obligations with regard to safety and the environment of buildings and installations.

The aim is to share our knowledge and to unburden our customers in such a way that they can focus carefree on the core activities of their organization.

Complying with quality systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 17025, but also with the required legislation and regulations for your working environment, is a dynamic process in which we see legislation and standards as the basis. We see that the need for a sense of security and security is increasing. This requires more openness and information within organizations, but also between organizations and business partners. We are always interested in the question behind the question, the real needs of our clients.

As a knowledge partner, quality and independence are central to us on all fronts. We do this by constantly expanding our services and adapting them to social needs: expertly and people-oriented.


Core Values - Expert

Clients must be able to turn to e-Consilio for all questions regarding their calibration laboratories. These may include questions about migrating calibration databases, installing and deploying the latest Fluke Calibration software and hardware, and any questions about the METTEAM and METCAL applications. They can also contact us with questions about their buildings and technical installations. We closely follow the changing regulations and even participate in various standards committees to be informed of developments at an early stage. e-Consilio’s auditors and consultants have been doing this for various clients for decades.


Core Values - Independent

We want to tell our clients the honest story. Without making it harder than it is. We will not compete with our clients. As an independent party, we want to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest in this way.


Core Values - Concerned

For us, involvement means an open relationship with our clients. It is important for us to have a clear picture of the customer’s motives. By being involved in the primary process, we build a long-term relationship. Short lines and trust form a stable basis for many years of cooperation.


Core Values - Durable

As involved trainers and advisors, we are very curious about new developments in the field of software, applications in the calibration lab, legislation and regulations, but also in the field of practical solutions. When advising on practical solutions, attention is also paid to the sustainable safeguarding of the issues.

More Information

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