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The MET/SUPPORT Gold annual membership program provides premier support services that help you fully uncover the full power of your software and become a more productive MET/CAL and MET/TEAM software user. With the access to technical experts, the most up-to-date software, access to a large library of warranted procedures, you have the peace of mind that your lab operations are always up and running at the highest efficiency and compliance.


Maximize your software investment over time

Use only a few of the Gold services and you can easily recover more than the cost or your annual membership fee. MET/SUPPORT Gold services include:

  • Priority access to software support
  • Free software upgrades and updates
  • Free access to the Warranted MET/CAL Procedures Library
  • Free access to My MET/SUPPORT member-only premium content
  •  20% discount on calibration software training classes
  • Discount on custom procedure development
  • QA/Test Server licenses
  • License transfer from legacy MET/BASE to the latest MET/TEAM Express software*
  • Special MET/SUPPORT Gold only promotions


MET/SUPPORT site for MET/CAL® software users

special web site » is available to support Fluke Calibration Software customers. This site contains information of interest to users of Fluke Calibration’s MET/CAL® and MET/TEAM® programs. Most of this site is open to all MET/CAL® users; however certain areas are reserved for MET/SUPPORT Gold customers. These special Gold members’ areas include access to download the latest version of MET/TEAM and MET/CAL software, as well as the Warranted Procedures library.


Technical Support with Priority Access

MET/SUPPORT Customers receive the highest priority in technical support requests. Members can submit a priority support request on My MET/SUPPORT member website after registration and log in or reach technical support through email directly. Your questions will receive priority attention. Training classes and onsite implementation along with knowledgebase articles cover questions on the usability of the applications and are not considered technical support.

Especially for the Fluke MET/SUPPORT GOLD Members in the BENELUX and UK we have the e-mail address metsupport@econsilio.nl available for first line assistance. For all other customers in the EMEA region, this address is softwaresupport@flukecal.com. When using one of these email addresses please include your Gold Support Number in the subject line.


Warranted Procedures Library

The procedures in the MET/CAL® Warranted Procedure Library have been carefully written and tested in accordance with manufacturers’ recommended calibration procedures. They provide the extra assurance of quality that our customers have requested and are normally available only on a cost-per-procedure basis. MET/SUPPORT Gold members have free unlimited access to the Warranted Procedures Library, a valuable benefit that will save you time and help increase your productivity. New procedures are developed and added to the library regularly. 

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