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Safety and Quality



e-Consilio has set itself the following goal: To sustainably unburden its customers in the field of laboratory management, legislation and regulations with regard to buildings and installations. With this goal, quality, safety and the environment are no longer seen separately. It is our belief that without attention to the environment and the safety of ourselves and third parties, we cannot provide a high-quality service or product. 


One Care System

Safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ), mutually influence each other and for this reason it was decided to set up a single care system in which all aspects are described in relation to each other. The management system complies and will continue to comply with the following systems and criteria: 

  • ISO 9001 version 2015; 
  • VCA** version VCA 2017/6.0; 
  • ISO 14001 version 2015. 

In order for the SHEQ system to function optimally, it is important that every (temporary) employee and employee of any subcontractors of ORTEON is informed about the system and that he/she works according to the system. This is achieved because the current system is available to everyone via ORTEON Team! site. Furthermore, new employees will be introduced to the system by means of an instruction. The employees are motivated to report improvement proposals and errors with regard to the system, so that this can be included in the optimization of this system.



It is e-Consilio’s policy to continuously improve the quality of services and the organization, taking into account the cost of our services. This is primarily the responsibility of the management, but also requires maximum commitment from the employees. The quality objectives will be formulated annually in the management review and will be assessed after a year in the same management review.



For e-Consilio, CSR means the optimal pursuit of attention for people, the environment and society, so that ORTEON can permanently establish itself in the top 10 of consultancy companies in this field. We are aware that CSR affects all aspects of business operations. In practice, however, it is not always possible to implement changes in all business units at once. That is why e-Consilio  will start with CSR by prioritizing the focus areas:

  • Products
  • Staff
  • Society

e-Consilio also recognizes that a company does not operate in isolation and has a responsibility towards multiple stakeholders. It is therefore important to maintain a good relationship with these so-called stakeholders. Based on this belief, e-Consilio has identified some key stakeholders of the organization:

  • Staff
  • Clients
  • Government

In order to achieve healthy business operations, e-Consilio strives for the above in a corporate culture in which dialogue with people inside and outside the company ultimately leads to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Concepts such as attention to the customer, open, honest, thinking along, socially involved and reliable are central to this. By drawing up a CSR Business Plan, e-Consilio will identify and pursue the CSR objectives and action points.



e-Consilio’s management is aware that due to the nature and environment in which it carries out its activities, the concern for the safety, health and well-being of all employees and the environment has the highest priority in the performance of the company’s activities.

To manage our environmental responsibility, we use the requirements of ISO 14001 in our Integral Management System and we also test against them to ensure that

  • We demonstrably comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations;
  • We set environmental goals and monitor their achievement;
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance.

We know that accidents and unusual events can be prevented, which is why we insist that every employee works in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Safety, health and the environment is an essential part of everyone’s job. In addition, undesirable behavior such as: aggressive behaviour, bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination are treated in confidence by the prevention officer and actively discouraged during the discussions.

Our active safety and environmental policy has the following objectives:

  • preventing accidents;
  • Avoiding situations in the broadest sense, both in the short and in the long term, that threaten safety, health and the environment;
  • The pursuit of continuous improvement in the field of HSE.

The management also underlines that working towards this goal is the responsibility of every employee. We try to achieve the above objectives by:

  • Taking preventive measures such as:
    • Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment;
    • Providing personal protective equipment and
  • Providing instructions and training in the field of HSE such as:
    • Introduction meeting for new employees;
    • Specific training.
  • Control by the management.



An analysis has been made regarding the presence of exposure risks. This has shown that no structural periodic medical examination is required. Employees are nevertheless offered the opportunity to apply for a PAGO via the Occupational Health and Safety Service. There is also a policy on reintegration after a long-term illness or accident. It is examined on a case-by-case basis whether adapted work is possible during reintegration. In addition, an employee handbook and an assessment method have been drawn up. A fixed protocol has also been drawn up for the instruction of new employees.

In addition to the above HSE objectives, new concrete objectives can be formulated during the management review

Heerlen, September 1, 2020

Frank Smith
General manager

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