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Where permitted, we will keep track of what work we have performed where on LinkedIn. Sometimes the customers responds with a compliment. Here are some examples:


5 day On-site Training LinkMaster Scientia Almaty Kazakhstan

In October I was able to carry out my work in the very extensive Metrology laboratory of Scientia Kazakhstan. The work consisted of installing the latest Fluke Calibration Laboratory Management System METTEAM and METCAL. I then helped Lab Manager Shynggys Assilbekov and his team implementing the package into their business operations. We have used the last few days to make a quality assessment in the (re)programming of calibration procedures in MET/CAL. It was very rewarding work and I thanked the proud owner Andrew Potseluev of Scientia / LinkMaster for this job and for the hospitality.
The reaction of Andrew Potseluev was: “Dear Frank! Thank you a lot for the professional training! You helped us to make the next step in the automatization of the calibration process. Look forward to see you in Almaty soon to complete the implementation.


MET/TEAM Migration and Installation DEWETRON

This week I was for a training at Dewetron in the beautiful city of Graz in Austria for a METTEAM installation and migration of the database of METTrack to METTEAM. With a lot of help from William Spath and Saige Bell from the softwaresupport team of Flukecal. #thankyou Dewetron has a very well equipped electrical calibration lab. Thank you for the hospitality Daniel Kurzmann and showing me around in your company and in the city. Loved to be here and I hopefully will be back soon in the future.

The reaction of Daniel Kurzmann, Customer Care Center Manager at DEWETRON was: “Thanks for your great training on the new software! This will help us to offer an even better service to our customers.


5 day On-site Training Warwick University UK

Next METCAL and METTEAM training for FLUKE Calibration: This time in the Callab of the Warwick University UK. We had a nice week! And they have nice equipment: eg Fluke 5730A Multifunction Calibrator in combination with the Fluke 52120A Transductance Amplifier and the Fluke 8588A Reference Multimeter. Thank you John Bruce for the hospitality last week. Proud doing this work for Fluke Calibration and WMG.

The reaction of John Bruce, Test Facilities Engineer at WMG, University of Warwick was: “Excellent training. Great to see you Frank.


2x5 day MET/TEAM/CAL Training NMI Ethiopia

Pradeep Ravindranathan of Fluke Calibration in Dubai wrote “Fluke Calibration is the leader in precision calibration instrumentation but we don’t beleive our leadership position gives us any special privileges. We know we need to earn your trust with every interaction we have with you, both before and after a purchase. Here we are with the Ethiopian NMI after having conducted a week of software training and installation of MET/TEAM/CAL with our very experienced trainer Frank Smits Thanks to our partner Yerga Teklu of Tay Test for concluding this very important and strategic sale of software to another leading NMI in Africa. A lot of interaction with the NMI team and interesting questions. Doing what we do best and that’s “go to gemba”. Thanks to the Ethiopian NMIE for their great hospitality and plenty of great coffee to keep us going 😀.


5 day On-site Training SAMI AE in Riyadh

This week I was for a training in Saudi Arabia for FlukeCal. In the past 5 days I have been able to train the laboratory technicians of Sami Advanced Electronics in Riyadh. It concerned the Enhanced FLUKE METTEAM training, supplemented with METCAL Procedure Writing training. Today I unfortunately had to say goodbye to these wonderful people. Thank you mister Abdullah Al-Hamami for your hospitality and the opportunity to help you further implementing the Laboratory Management Software in your Metrology Laboratory.

The reaction of Abdullah Al-Hamami, Calibration Supervisor at Advanced Electronics Company in Riyadh was: “Thank you Mr. Frank Smits for this words, its our pleasure to have METTEAM training with you. Very glad and I hope to see you again.”

The reaction of Mohammed Gamal, Regional Sales Managerفي Mejdaf Trading Company was: “Thank you Frank, it was great training and all of us was so glad & lucky that you are the trainer. You did your best to solve all their problems in very smart way. I hope to see you again in Saudi Arabia


5 day MET/TEAM/CAL Training IEP Portugal

Last week I went to Portugal and trained the lab-technicians of IEP – Instituto Electrotécnico Português, LME, in Custóias about implementing the newest version of Flukecal METTEAM METCAL Laboratory Management Software. It was a 5 day training on-site. Many thanks to Filipe Agante of AresAgante, Susana Ribeiro and Soraia Santos of IEP for the order and the possibility to visit your beautiful country. It was very nice to be in your well-equipped callab.

The reaction of Soraia Santos  of Instituto Electrotécnico Português was: “Many thanks Frank Smits for your dedication and patience in this last week of training.”


5 day On-line Training OTE in Greece

Last week I trained the callab-technicians of OTE in Greece about the latest version of the Fluke Calibration Laboratorial Management Software METTEAM and METCAL. The OTE Group offers a wide range of services: fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband services, subscription television and integrated ICT solutions. With the use of this new software their calibration lab is now ready for the future. It was great to train those well-skilled technicians and yesterday, the last day, they where able to use all the features the software is bringing them. Giorgos Ritzakis of the local distributor Netscope will assist them with the further implementation.  Monday I will start with the 5-day METTEAM and METCAL training for the lab-technicians of Robert Bosch in Romania. I am looking forward to do that.

The reaction of George Ritztakis of Netscope in Greece was: “We were very satisfied Frank, good training!


2 day Hardware Training Analog Devices Ireland

This week I trained the callab technicians of Analog Devices in Limerick Ireland. They bought a new FLUKE 5322A safety tester calibrator and 5322A LOAD and wanted to know everything about this nice piece of equipment from Fluke Calibrations delivered by Irish Power and Process. We discussed not only the calibration of PAT-testers and installation testers, but also how to verify HIPOT testers. Because we had enough time, we even made a start to automate the verificationproces of the HIPOT-tester with METCAL. Thank you Mike, Christy, Barry and Allen for your hospitality and I hope visiting your beautiful country again soon!


5 day On-site Training Nissan Sunderland UK

Today was the last day of the 7 day Training in NMUK (Nissan Calibration Laboratory) Sunderland UK. Is was a pleasure to be in the plant and train how to use the 5502 multi product calibrator and MET/TEAM/CAL lab management software of Fluke. Thank you Daniël, John and Darren for your hospitality.

The reaction of Darren Richards of Nissan in UK was: “Thank you Frank for the training, very good training package👍


2 day Hardware Training Training Army Poland

This time I was in Poland for a two-day hardware training on how to apply the Fluke 5322A Electrical Safety Tester Calibrator. It was nice to be on the road again for Fluke Calibration. The visit to the 2nd Military Laboratory of Metrology in Bydgoszcz was very instructive for both parties. Afterwards I received a certificate as a memento of this visit. This certificate has been given a nice place in my own calibration laboratory studio.


5 day On-line Training Nissan UK

the 5-day MET/TEAM and MET/CAL training for the Nissan Technical Center Europe in Cranfield-UK. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic with safe distance. I am in my studio in the Netherlands. 😀.

The reaction of John Puttock of UKAS in UK was: “We were trained by Wim Sibon. We would love to use it for our calibration workload.


5 day MET/TEAM/CAL Training Goodyear

at the RTT and LTT Calibration Lab of Goodyear for a Fluke update from MET/TRACK to MET/TEAM. After the migration of the two separate databases of the labs to one installation, Goodyear is in the different labs ready for the future.

After that we performed a 2 day introduction training of the MET/TEAM lab-management software and a 3 day MET/CAL Basic Procedure Writing course.

We had 8 people in the training. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions the group was split into two. One group in a big trainingroom in which we could keep a save 2-mtr distance included mouthmasks and via a MS-TEAMS connection with the other trainees in Hanau-Germany. Is was a educational week for all. Now the real implementation starts.

The reaction of Horatiu Sima  of Goodyear in Luxembourg was: “Thank you Frank, was a pleasure having you here. We appreciate you help and support 👍


3 day On-site Training NMI Luxembourg

This week I am training the people of the Ilnas National Lab of Luxemburg with taking care of all the COVID-19 precautions. It is a 3-day basic MET/CAL procedure writing training of Fluke Calibration EMEA

The reaction of Rocco Rinzivillo of ISSeP in Belgium was: “Good Job Frank while staying safe


2 day IV/WV Training Online WBD Netherlands

the two-day IV/WV advanced training from Parkstad Inspectorates. Today and tomorrow a group of students from the Brabantse Delta Water Board in Breda. Everything via MS-Teams and at a safe distance becouse of COVID restrictions.

The reaction of Peter van Gurp  of Waterschap Brabantse Delta in Netherlands was: “Top Frank!” and Piet van Eekelen: “course through teams, heavy but well done.
thanks to Frank Smits and Parkstad


Online Training because of COVID restrictions

Like many others I am staying in my house because of the travel restrictions. I try to use the time meaningfully to perfect the hardware and software training that I will provide for Fluke Calibration after the lock-down. Last week @wimsibon and I worked on a three-day Crystal Reports training in combination with the MET / TEAM callab management software.

The reaction of George Ritzakis of Netscope in Greece was: “Well done Frank, happy Easter!


5 day METTEAM and METCAL Romania

 5 day Training of the Fluke Lab Management Software MET/TEAM and Fluke Calibration Procedure Writing Software MET/CAL at ifm efector s.r.i. in Cristian, jud. Sibiu Romania. It was great to train this week this enthusiastic group of the calibration lab of ifm.


2 day software Training Israel

 A two-day software training for customers of RDT Equipment & Systems in Israel provided by Fluke Calibration. Wim Sibon and myself had a great time giving the training for these motivated people. 

The reaction of Nitzan Shely of RDT was: “Thank you guys! It was pleasure to host you here and already planing your next visit!


How it started

Started in the spring of 2019, e-Consilio provides consultancy and training services for Fluke Calibration. For this, he supports this company in training and advising their customers in the EMEA countries after they have purchased Fluke Calibration Products. He received thorough internal training for this from the Fluke Calibration team in Eindhoven, but also on location with customers. Many thanks to Wim Sibon, Joost Korthout (+), Frans Vinken, Pradeep Ravindranathan, Saige Page and Bill Spath.

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